• Melissa Matlock

5 top things brides regret NOT doing for their wedding

This question is a big one. Every bride is different and no bride wants exactly the same things. We took a few surveys on our 2020 brides to see what they missed the most on their wedding day that they would change. Here is what our top 5 were!

  1. Not doing sample boxes before

  2. Not making a photo want list

  3. Not wearing comfortable shoes

  4. Stealing a moment away together after the ceremony.

  5. Eating before the ceremony

To cover a couple of these as a Planner, my first suggestion is #4. You just finished the moment you've been planning for months! Take a moment to feel the love before the party. It's a magical and semi-overwhelming moment that you deserve to share!

Another is #5. Eat! I tell every bride to make sure they eat! Between getting ready, dealing with any issues, handling the wedding party it can be forgotten and missed. Having a Planner takes a lot off of you, however, it's a big day in your life. Make sure to have that snack!

Enjoy your day! Rock your day! Allow your planner to give suggestions on things you may miss. ❤

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