• Melissa Matlock

Argus Leader Post

As many know I am the Owner of a local venue, Prairie View Event Hall.

Yesterday the Argus Leader did an article on the event hall and myself regarding a local venue that closed and us stepping in.

We have had many ask, "why did you begin wedding planning during a pandemic, aren't you nervous?'

My response? "Why wouldn't I?"

When the pandemic began, my staff immediately became a line of defense for our brides. We re-planned, re-grouped, and re-thought with our brides. We fell in love with taking their stress away and giving back comfort and some sense of hope.

Never did the world stop my staff before and it's pushing my staff now!

So we will always ask, "why wouldn't we?"

See the article on the below link! Ask us directly! And let us step in and do the same for you!

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