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How to know how to propose? A story included!

We receive this question often. Usually from people who learn we are wedding planners and become curious.

How to know how my spouse wants to the question to be popped:

The first question: have you talked about marriage? Few people know this may be important. Everyone is different, everyone has different speeds they work in. Make sure to ask your significate other if they are ready for the question (maybe in not those words).

The second question: Are they personal or public? Do they like to share their life on social media, in photos, with friends or are they more personal. How big of a proposal should you do and where? How they keep their life is a big one for this.

The third question: Have you spoken with her best friend? When we speak to our future we brides, we find 90% of the time, they communicated to their best friends on details they wanted for their engagement/ring.

The fourth and final question: Do you plan to ask their parents for their blessing? Is that important to your partner? We asked our couples and most of them stated this was more important to them then how they were proposed too.

Engagement story: January 2021 Britt and May

We had the pleasure of assisting Britt with proposing to his girlfriend. Now, this was a fun one for us a for a few different reasons.

  1. Britt is a wedding videographer. He does wedding/proposal videos for a living. We were so excited to be able to help another vendor with this special moment.

  2. They already has a wedding date of 9/25/2021.

  3. She already said yes.

Now, his story is a sweet one, Britt knew that even though she had already said yes and they already had a date, he wanted that experience for both him and her. He even brought along their 2 children and his father for the moment as well. We were able to help decorate and set up for this moment as we waited for them at the top of the watch tower at Falls Park in Sioux Falls, SD. He started by taking her to the spot of their first date (which was the day they met)! He said the day he met her, he knew he would marry her, and he even told his family that too! How amazing! After dinner at the restaurant they had their first date, off to Falls Park to meet all of us waiting for a complete surprise she would never forget. As wedding vendors, we live for precious moments like this. Congratulations again to both of them and thank you for including us!

In attendance was

Kristin Heismeyer

Cailyn Schreurs

Melissa Matlock and Shelly Nordtvedt

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