• Melissa Matlock

The Importance of a Timeline

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is knowing what should be done and when. That is one of the first questions we receive from almost every bride.

When we first meet with our brides we ask them what they have done so far. Most of the time that's not much, AND THAT'S OKAY, that's what our staff is for. Most weddings are planned 12-18 months in advance, some are shorter time span and that's okay as well. Setting a timeline based on the amount of time you have to plan is the most important part.

There are always certain vendors that book up faster than others, such as venues. There are vendors that can book more than one wedding in a day, such as DJ's. Finding the vendors that you need to book right away is an important part of that timeline.

We also always ask, are there certain times of the year you feel your budget would better serve you? For example, if we have a bride that can put a large amount down at the beginning of the year vs. the middle of the year, we will help her alter her timeline to accommodate that.

Working with your wedding planner to make sure you are handled based on your timeline is important.


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